Long Lawford

Land north of the A428 Coventry Road on the edge of Long Lawford has been proposed by Rugby Borough Council as an allocated site for the development of new homes.

Bloor Homes Limited has submitted a Full Planning Application that proposes to provide 153 new dwellings on the site, with associated new public open spaces, via a new junction from Back Lane and would welcome your feedback on these proposals.

To maximise access to the information submitted as part of the full planning application, we have included details of the proposals and all supporting plans and documents under the relevant headings below. As the application has been submitted, all comments on the proposals should be submitted via the Council’s. website or in writing to the Planning Department, Rugby Borough Council, Town Hall, Evreux Way, Rugby, CV21 2RR.

All feedback will be considered in detail by Bloor Homes and their advisors, and we will respond to the Council to explain.

Application Cover Letter

304 RBC Cover 160118 KC

Planning Statement

304 PS FINAL 160118

Design and Access Statement

304 LL4 DAS 160118.pdf

Site Layout


Landscape Proposals


Air Quality

Air Quality Assessment, Long Lawford Phase 4 J3133_F1

Rugby, Long Lawford Phase 4 J3133 F2



JBA 17-099 ECO01 Long Lawford Phase 1 Habitat Survey 2017_Rev A.pdf

JBA 17-099 ECO03 Long Lawford – eDNA GCN report_2017

JBA_17-099_ECO04_Long Lawford Phase 4_Bat activity report

Flood and Drainage

Long Lawford IV – FRA Rev A – 11 January 2018

Ground Conditions

TG_LLW171_draft final report


Long Lawford Historic Environment DBA_17-13 R1 – November 2017


17-0766 R1-1 18.01.05 Noise assessment



T16131 TA Long Lawford Ph4 (Figures, Drawings and Appendices)

T16131 TA Long Lawford Ph4


JBA 17-099 AIA AR01 Rev A

Application Plans

To view the complete collection of Application Plans please visit our Google Drive page.

The proposed development will make a considerable contribution to the identified housing need across Rugby Borough, by providing a variety of house types and tenures that supports the Council’s objectives for the future delivery of housing in this location as set out in their Submission Local Plan.

In line with national and local Government guidance and policy, considerable importance has been placed on achieving a high standard of design across the site, seeking to ensure a good relationship with the existing settlement of Long Lawford that also appropriately addresses the designated Green Belt to the south.

The application proposes to provide 153 dwelling houses with associated public open space, including natural and semi natural green space, amenity green spaces incorporating sustainable drainage features, and a children’s play area.

To support the proposed development, additional infrastructure will be provided including a new junction from Back Lane to the A428 Coventry Road and provision of internal roads and footpaths that are fully integrated with the existing network and public rights of way.

Your responses

If you would like to leave your comments on this consultation please visit the Council’s website. 


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